Murray Liberty League Boundaries

Updated Wednesday January 30, 2019 by MURRAY LIBERTY CAL RIPKEN LEAGUE.

**Please Note - due to recent chartering changes within the Babe Ruth Utah organization, the Murray Liberty League boundardies have changed by expanding to include schools and addresses in the Holladay and Cottonwood area as well. A list of schools included in the expansion will posted here soon, the updated boundary map is embedded at the bottom of this page, or can be found here.  Please contact us if you have questions.


Administrative Rules:

A.      Boundaries –
All players are encouraged to play in the Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth baseball league where their home address resides
1.       To be eligible for post season All Star tournament play all National League teams must have a minimum of 2/3 of their players living within the boundary of the league they register to play in
2.       All players on a team playing in a league outside that players home league boundary must have an exception approved & signed by the League President of their home boundary league, the League President of the league they wish to participate in, and a Utah State Cal Ripken Commissioner.  This exception must be submitted to the State Commissioner prior to May 1st.


SLC Cal Ripken Baseball League Boundaries - Updated January 4, 2018

Crown Colony
1399 Kings Row Dr
Salt Lake City, Utah
United States 84117
Notes: Park at St. Vincent church.
Grant Park
6050 South Main Street
Murray, Utah
United States 84057
Notes: Northwest Field
Notes: Northeast Fields
Notes: Southeast Field
Notes: Southwest Field (PEEWEE)
Taylorsville Vista Baseball Park
2041 West 5000 South
Taylorsville, Utah
United States 84118
Tville Field 5